Account cancellation

As a general policy, we will not cancel your account for you. We want to make sure that requests to cancel accounts are legitimate.

How to cancel your Airbrake account

To cancel an account, have an administrator on your account go to the Plan options page and cancel your account by clicking the “Cancel account” button. This section can be found under your user name in the upper right corner -> Plan options or at this URL:

Canceling your account will stop any future monthly recurring payments, however, you will still have full access to your Airbrake account until the end of the current billing cycle. If your account accrues any on-demand error usage beyond your plan limit during your final billing cycle, you will be charged for this at the end of the billing cycle when your account is deactivated.

Having trouble?

If you have a situation where the admin has left your company or otherwise cannot cancel an account, let us know and we’ll attempt to help. In this situation, we will attempt to get some confirmation that we’re speaking to the right company beforehand. We won’t just cancel an account based on one request in the help section.