Configuring notifications

You can modify your notifications settings in the Profile & notifications section. Make sure to hit Save profile when you’re done.

  • These settings are user specific.
  • These settings only affect email notifications. Check Integrations to read about notifications settings for integrations like Slack.

Notifications settings

  • Send digest emails: read Daily and weekly digest emails to know more about this feature.
  • Notify on Errors: be notified whenever a new exception group is created or an error group becomes unresolved.
  • Notify on Comments: be notified when another team member comments on an error.
  • High volume notifications: see doc.
  • Production only: be notified just if error occurs in the production environment. For this feature to work the environment needs to be production (case independent). eg: Production is a production environment while production_US and prod are not a production environments.

Automatic subscription to new projects

If you’re an admin you will be automatically subscribed to new projects. You can disable this behaviour in your personal settings page.