How can I avoid losing performance and error data?

How can I avoid losing performance and error data?

Airbrake notifiers try to resend error and performance information whenever certain malfunctions occurs in the Airbrake Server.

How does the backlog function works in the Notifier?

The failed errors or performance stats are queued in the notifier and are sent asynchronously at every 1-minute frequency. The notifier maintains 2 separate background threads each for Error and Performance data management. The notifier will try to resend the data once and if it again fails then that data packet will be discarded.

How much backlog data will the notifier store?

User can define the maximum backlog queue size at the time of notifier configuration. By default, it’ll store 100 backlog items for error and 100 backlog items for Performance (Shared with Routes, Route breakdown, query, queue stats). In the event that the backlog queue becomes full, the item will be replaced and an error will be recorded.

What type of error data is put in the queue?

It will put data in queue if the response code from the Airbrake Server is in the below error list:

  • 404: Not Found
  • 408: Request Timeout
  • 409: Conflict
  • 410: Gone
  • 500: Internal Server Error
  • 502: Bad Gateway
  • 504: Gateway Timeout