Migrate from Heroku

Steps to migrate projects from Heroku

Step 1: Create a new Airbrake account

Choose a plan that has enough projects to accommodate the heroku apps you want to migrate.

Step 2: Create projects

For each of your heroku apps create a new project in your new Airbrake account.

Step 3: Add AB_API_KEY to each heroku app

For each of your heroku apps add a new env var called AB_API_KEY that holds the new project’s API Key.

heroku config:set AB_API_KEY=realProjectApiKey -a yourHerokuAppName`

Step 4: Update your notifier configs to use AB_API_KEY

For each of your apps, update their notifier configs to use ENV["AB_API_KEY"]

After you complete these steps, new errors will be reported to the projects in your new Airbrake account and you can safely remove the heroku Airbrake addon at your convenience.


When you add the Airbrake addon a heroku environment variable is created. This variable is called AIRBRAKE_API_KEY containing your project’s API key. You can retrieve this variable with:

heroku config:get AIRBRAKE_API_KEY -a yourHerokuAppName

If you remove the Airbrake addon then the AIRBRAKE_API_KEY env var will also be removed. Make sure to add AB_API_KEY to your heroku apps environment variables and configure your app to use AB_API_KEY before removing the addon to avoid any interruptions in error collection.