Usage caps

  • Airbrake plans have pre-paid error/performance quotas along with on-demand errors/events
  • Errors and performance events beyond your monthly plan quota will be charged on a usage basis
  • A monthly cap can be set to prevent additional errors from being processed beyond that number
    • This cap can be set for your entire account, and/or independently for each project
    • Example: A cap can be set for a non-critical project (like a staging environment), while still allowing all errors from mission-critical projects to be processed
  • To set a monthly error cap for a project or the entire account, go to “Account & Billing” and select the “Usage caps” tab
    • Once the cap is reached, no additional errors/events will be accepted until the start of the next billing cycle
  • Filters in the notifier can be set to ignore specific low-priority errors and/or known errors that aren’t intended to be fixed.
  • Filters can also be used to send a subset of a specific error or type of error - lowering usage while maintaining visibility into application performance