What is severity?

Big Airbrake projects receive a lot of errors. Every new error triggers an email notification. Not every error is equally important, and a large amount of error emails can be overwhelming.

Setting an error’s severity

Severity allows you to control the importance of every single error your notifier sends. Consult your notifier’s README to learn how to control severity for your errors.

Airbrake supports the following severities (defaults to error):

  • debug
  • info
  • notice
  • warning
  • error
  • critical
  • alert
  • emergency

Filtering notifications by severity

You can set a minimum severity value in your project settings page. An error that does not meet the severity threshold will not trigger an email or integration notifications but will still show up in your project’s error dashboard.

By default, the minimum severity is set to error. That means that errors with a severity of debug, info, notice, or warning will not trigger error emails or integration notifications.

Want low severity errors to completely avoid your project? Then you can use your notifier’s add filter method to ignore errors based on the severity value. Please check your notifier’s GitHub README for more info and examples.