What triggers a new notification

Airbrake will send you a new error notification when:

  • a new error is received
  • a new occurrence of an error previously marked as resolved is received
  • an error group reaches a high volume threshold (see high volume notifications section for more info)

When an error comes in, we review information about the error to determine whether the error is a new error entirely, or just another occurrence of an error we’ve previously seen. We currently review:

  • The error class of the error
  • The error message of the error with data values extracted (see structured logging)
  • The file in which the error occurred
  • The line number at which the error occurred
  • The environment where the error occurred (see environments)

What is a notification?

A notification can be:

  • Your personal email notifications
  • Your team’s messaging (eg: Slack) notifications
  • Or your project’s webhook integration if enabled

Resolved notices

If you resolve an error group from within the application, don’t worry – if it comes in again, we’ll “unresolve” it, and send you another notification to indicate that it’s been reopened. This is part of the benefit and purpose behind the resolved feature. You should be able to remove from your immediate view anything you believe is dealt with, but have the confidence to know that you’ll see it again if it’s actually not done with, or it comes up again in the future because of further changes.

To cut down on noise, Airbrake will not send you a new email notification for an error if you have already received an email for that error less than one minute ago.

Error severity

Errors with a severity of debug, info, notice, or warning will not trigger a notification.

High volume notifications

High volume notifications will send you repeat email notifications for errors that reach occurrence thresholds. If you have this feature enabled, you will get new error notifications at these intervals:

ThresholdNotification interval
1 - 1,000Every 100 error occurrences
1,000 - 10,000Every 1,000 error occurrences
10,000 - 100,000Every 10,000 error occurrences
100,000 and aboveEvery 100,000 error occurrences

High volume notifications can be enabled per project on your user profile. High volume notifications help you keep tabs on which errors occur most in your project, and depending on frequency can be a useful indicator for larger issues.

This feature is available on all current plans.