What are Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a snapshot of events that lead up to a specific error occurrence. Things like web requests, user interactions like clicks or keyboard presses, and navigation updates are all recorded and organized in a timeline so you can understand what actually happened when an error occurred.

This feature is available on all current plans.

Events that are logged as Breadcrumbs

  • Log events with severity
  • User events like clicks and keypresses
  • XMLHttpRequests like POST and GET events
  • DOMContentLoaded events
  • Errors in loading page elements or scripts
  • Navigation from page to page
  • Window fully loaded events

Breadcrumb data is displayed in the “Occurrences” tab of an error.

Logging Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are logged automatically if you’re using version 0.7.0 and higher of our JavaScript notifier.

Disabling Breadcrumbs

Don’t want airbrake-js to send Breadcrumb data to Airbrake? No problem, you can strip errors of Breadcrumb data using the addFilter method:

airbrake.addFilter(function(notice) {
  notice.context.history = null;
  return notice;