SAML single sign-on allows your team to log in via OneLogin.


  1. On your Airbrake account security page click on Enable SAML button:

  2. Copy SAML Endpoint URL:

  3. From your OneLogin account, find and add it:

  4. Paste copied SAML Endpoint URL to ACS URL input on Configuration tab, and then click on Save button:

  1. From the SSO tab copy Issuer URL:

  2. Go back to Airbrake and paste copied metadata URL to SAML/IdP Metadata URL input, and then click on Enable SAML SSO button:

  3. From OneLogin, visit Users tab. For each user on OneLogin change the email in Name ID Value input to match with the email on Airbrake for that user:

Sign in with OneLogin

Now you can log to Airbrake from OneLogin or from Airbrake via OneLogin:

Require SAML single sign-on

After you have successfully authenticated via OneLogin for the first time, you can enable Require SAML single sign-on setting which will allow only logins via OneLogin to your Airbrake account: