Integrate your Airbrake project with Slack


With Airbrake’s Slack integration, you can:

  • Automatically receive a Slack notification with error details for every new type of an error
  • Automatically receive a Slack notification with comment details for every new comment you make on Airbrake
  • Automatically receive a Slack notification with deploy details for every new deploy you make on Airbrake


Add the Airbrake app in Slack

  • From the Slack channel settings, click on the Integrations tab, and then click on the Add an app button

  • Search for Airbrake, click on the Install button and follow the instructions on Slack

Add Slack integration on Airbrake

  • Copy the generated Slack webhook URL from Slack, visit the Slack integration page on Airbrake and paste it to the Slack webhook URL field. Tweak the settings, and click on the Save button


EnabledPause/Unpause the integration
Auto post error notifications to SlackReceive Slack notifications for new errors and for previously resolved errors that reoccur
Post error comments to SlackReceive Slack notification for every new Airbrake comment on the error
Post deploy notificationsReceive Slack notification when you deploy your app
Only trigger for errors with environments matching “production” (not case sensitive)Only send Slack notifications for errors from the “production” environment