Integrate your Airbrake project with Zapier


You can turn Airbrake errors into triggers for 500+ apps with the Airbrake V2 Zapier integration. Combine with filters to specify which errors trigger actions and which are ignored. Easily create pingdom incidents, phone calls, slack @channel messages, SMS messages, and more.

Unlock Beta & Configure Airbrake V2

Before continuing, it’s important to unlock the Airbrake V2 Beta. You won’t be able to integrate correctly without first unlocking Airbrake V2.

Connect account with Subdomain and user AUTH_TOKEN

Follow the prompts to connect a new account. Zapier will open a new browser window to collect your Airbrake account info. Your subdomain is present in the address bar after logging into Airbrake and Your AUTH_TOKEN is available from the your user settings accessible from the settings link in the upper right dropdown in the Airbrake UI.

Choose a project to watch for new errors

Test the project and continue

Add a filter

Triggering on every exception might quickly consume your available tasks in Zapier. You can leverage filters to put rules in place that only continue if, for example the error type matches one you specify. If you want to create a Zap to serve as an early alert, it might be worth filtering for errors caused by:

  • database connectivity problems
  • payment processing failures
  • email delivery failures
  • unavailable third party services
  • failed production smoke tests

In this example we will create a filter that triggers an action only for some database connectivity related errors. Specifically for PG::ConnectionBad and Redis::CannotConnectError errors.

Select the filter

We want to use an Only continue if... filter where we specify conditions/rules that decide if the Zap continues to the next action.

Adding our Filters

We only want to continue to the next action if the error’s type is PG::ConnectionBad or Redis::CannotConnectError, our filter does just that:

Test the filter

If the last error in your project matches our above filter then testing this one should pass. This is what a pass looks like for our Redis::CannotConnectError:

Add an action

Chose an action app

You can choose any of the 500+ apps available from Zapier. For this example we are going to be using be the built-in SMS app to send an SMS message with basic details of the error.

Configuring the SMS message

If we want our SMS message to read like this:

Airbrake error for PROJECT_NAME [ENVIRONMENT] TYPE: MESSAGE occurred COUNT times. For more details check out:


Then this is how we configure the SMS message in Zapier:

SMS example message

Here is a web preview of the SMS message sent as part of the test for the SMS action app. You should have received the SMS message to the number configured and be able to see expected values in the web output of the message body: