Error Monitoring


Airbrake Error Monitoring provides real-time error alerts with rich contextual data about why errors are occurring so that you can identify, diagnose, and fix problems quickly.

With support for over 50 languages, frameworks, and libraries, Airbrake notifiers install in minutes, are agentless and serverless, and have negligible impact on your code or application performance.

As soon as Airbrake is installed, you’ll know more about the current state of your app with real-time error notifications delivered via email or one of our many 3rd party integrations.

Features like error groups, hotspots, breadcrumbs, backtraces, and aggregations give users the context they need to efficiently triage and resolve errors.

Try Airbrake today with our unlimited 30-day free trial and start shipping better code immediately.

Key features

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Install, config, upgrade

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