As an Error Monitoring and Application Performance Monitoring service, Airbrake provides continuous monitoring of your entire application stack with real-time alerts.

The increased observability Airbrake provides gives developers the confidence they need to deploy code frequently and fearlessly.

Getting started is easy whether you choose to install one of our notifiers manually or via the Airbrake CLI.

Throughout your 30-day free trial, customers have unlimited access to all of Airbrake’s key features – features like:

  • API, CLI, and GUI for interacting with the service both programmatically and manually
  • Error Groups and Hotspots for automatically sorting errors by type, message, and function in addition to identifying any noteworthy trends
  • Breadcrumbs and Backtraces for clarifying exactly what an app was doing leading up the error + identifying where within a user’s code the error itself occurred
  • Aggregations for displaying hostnames, affected users, and other related information make it easier to understand what and, perhaps more importantly, who was impacted by a particular error
  • Deployment Tracking for quantifying how many errors were resolved vs. introduced with every deployment
  • Apdex Scores for understanding user satisfaction with the application or applications being monitored
  • And, finally, 3rd Party Integrations for tying together your existing triaging and troubleshooting workflow with tools like Slack, GitHub, and Jira

We can’t wait for you to try Airbrake and begin deploying fearlessly with our 50+ supported languages, frameworks, and libraries!