Installing Airbrake in a Echo application


The gobrake package makes it quick and easy to monitor your Echo app’s performance. It only takes a few minutes to start collecting real performance data so let’s jump right in!

Installation & Configuration

Step 1: Install the latest version of gobrake

go get
import (
  echobrake ""

Step 2: Configure the Airbrake Echo middleware

Configuration is done through the gobrake.NotifierOptions struct, which you are supposed to pass to gobrake.NewNotifierWithOptions.

var notifier = gobrake.NewNotifierWithOptions(&gobrake.NotifierOptions{
  ProjectId:   <YOUR PROJECT ID>, // <-- Fill in this value
  ProjectKey:  "<YOUR API KEY>", // <-- Fill in this value
  Environment: "production",

To find <YOUR PROJECT ID> and <YOUR API KEY> navigate to your project’s Settings and copy the values from the right sidebar.

Now pass the notifier in the custom middleware provided by gobrake i.e. echobrake and add it as a middleware.

e := echo.New()

Voilà you are ready to start performance monitoring to Airbrake from your Echo app. Please look into sample example to get more idea.

Additional Settings

Please visit our Gobrake overview for details on useful features like:


In case you have a problem, question or a bug report, feel free to file an issue.