Airbrake Magento is a plugin for Magento eCommerce platform, which provides integration with Airbrake, the leading exception reporting service.

Whenever your store throws an uncaught exception, the plugin will detect that in real-time and send information about the exception to the Airbrake dashboard.



cd <your-magento-project>
modman init
git clone .modman/CodebaseExceptions
modman deploy CodebaseExceptions --force


First of all, find your Project API key. To do that, navigate to your project’s General Settings and copy the key from the right sidebar.

Next, to configure Airbrake Magento, visit your admin panel (http://[YOURDOMAIN]/admin) and navigate to SystemConfiguration. On the left sidebar, find the ELGENTOS section and click on CodebaseExceptions.

Copy and paste your Project API key into the relevant field and save the new configuration.

The configuration process is done. To make sure it works correctly, visit http://[YOURDOMAIN]/exceptions/index/test. This will trigger a new test exception. It can be found in your project’s dashboard.


  • Magento >= 1.5
  • PHP >= 5.3