Installing Airbrake in a Java application

Step 1: Install

Install option 1: Maven

Add the javabrake dependency through your IDE or directly to your pom.xml file:


Install option 2: Gradle

Add javabrake to your Gradle dependencies:

compile 'io.airbrake:javabrake:0.1.3'

Install option 3: Ivy

Add javabrake to your Ivy dependencies:

<dependency org='io.airbrake' name='javabrake' rev='0.1.3'>
  <artifact name='javabrake' ext='pom'></artifact>

Step 2: Configuration

Copy this configuration snippet into your Java app.

import io.airbrake.javabrake.Notifier;

int projectId = YOUR_PROJECT_ID;
String projectKey = "YOUR_PROJECT_API_KEY";
Notifier notifier = new Notifier(projectId, projectKey);

    (Notice notice) -> {
      notice.setContext("environment", "production");
      return notice;

Example of reporting a caught exception:

try {
} catch (IOException e) {;

Visit our official GitHub repo for advanced information and integrations like log4j, log4j2, and logback.